Assessment of the Market Potential for a Novel Hypercholesterolemia Drug

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Client Challenge: A biotechnology company was considering developing an early-stage asset for hypercholesterolemia but was concerned that the existing drugs, primarily the statins, left little unmet medical need or market potential for their asset.

Our Approach: Working with our client, we developed a target product profile for the drug, which we then tested in a series of in-depth interviews with a broad range of physicians – academicians, specialists, and PCPs – treating hypercholesterolemia. The goal of these interviews was to both assess level of unmet medical need and the type of clinical evidence – clinical trial endpoints – required for acceptance.

Results: Our interviews disclosed a number of important findings. First, there was a divergence among types of physicians regarding unmet needs, with those most actively involved in treating patients perceiving significant unmet needs and academicians far less so. Second, the level … Read More »